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Onsite tailored print fulfillment solutions that support your sales and marketing efforts.
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Our Print Fulfillment Solutions Use Industry Leading Technology to Help Deliver Value to Your Marketing Programs

Having easy access to high-quality print collateral like brochures, flyers and mailers helps your sales and marketing team achieve their goals. If you’re like most companies, you also want to reduce the cost and waste associated with outdated or excess overruns.

That’s where personalized print communications, variable data printing (VDP) and variable print-on-demand (POD) services come in. At Diamond, we specialize in these kinds of highly targeted and timely materials that are printed when they are needed in the exact quantities they are needed. Ultimately, we help you eliminate the obsolescence and waste associated with print materials, resulting in significant cost savings.

Rapid Order Processing

Utilizing effective systems for quick and accurate handling of orders for print on demand or static literature.

Personalized Package Insert & Customized Marketing Options

Providing customized print solutions to meet diverse product and service needs.

Extensive Industry Expertise

Demonstrating a wealth of experience in fulfillment services across different sectors.

Print-On-Demand (POD) Solutions

Our print-on-demand capabilities are integrated with our proprietary web-based interface, giving your marketing and sales department extensive options for customization. Our interface includes internal administrative controls that allow you to set access controls to meet your individual client needs. Users can upload logos and images or use a pre-authorized set of images in the system. Additional customization is available by typing in contact names, a specific message or other important data to customize the piece. Our interface also generates immediate proofs and sign-offs for quick and efficient ordering.
Print On Demand at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
Digital Printing at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions

Digital Printing Services

When you need the highest-quality printing available for your most important projects, Diamond Fulfillment Solutions gives you the convenience of multiple printing options through one vendor. In addition to our on-demand printing services, we also offer full-color offset, commercial printing to handle critical projects with longer lead times.

Personalized Mailings

We are experienced with time sensitive and confidential personalized mailings that require careful attention to detail. Our ability to meet strict deadlines has earned the trust of major corporations.
Personalized Mailings at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
Document Distribution & Priting at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions

Document Distribution and Mailing

Leveraging state-of-the-art technology and a strategic network, we ensure swift and secure delivery of your materials to their intended recipients. Whether it’s legal documents, patient specific items, marketing collateral, or sensitive information, our service guarantees accuracy, reliability, and confidentiality. Diamond is HIPAA compliant from data technology transfers to the eventual carrier pickup.

Additional Fulfillment Services

Discover the Advantages of Choosing Diamond Fulfillment Solutions for Print On Demand

Drawing upon coast-to-coast distribution from our centralized fulfillment centers near Chicago, our dynamic solutions offer cost-effectiveness while ensuring unwavering accuracy and efficiency.
Our tailored fulfillment solutions are meticulously crafted to align precisely with your unique print and fulfillment requirements.
With a steadfast focus on technology, we deliver reduced costs without compromising quality and ease of utilization.
Embracing a collaborative ethos, we guarantee swift responsiveness to your needs.



"Every day the numbers come through for ship confirms and they amaze me! The other day I believe I saw 2,565 shipped in one day. Thanks!"

- Marketing Manager

"It has been too long since I have dropped you a line to reinforce what an outstanding employee you have. [Our Rep] is beyond responsive to all requests, big and small, and never makes one feel as though they are asking for too much. I don’t know how but she consistently figures out a way to get orders shipped…and in a timely manner. So thank you for having such a dedicated, energetic and responsible employee assigned to us….I would be lost without her!"

- Pharma Marketing Director

"I want to give a shout-out to the order fulfillment and shipping service providers. The books were shipped in a box sized to fit the largest book and padded to protect the smaller books. They arrived in pristine condition."

- Marketing Director

"Just wanted to let you know how appreciative I am for having someone like [Our Rep] supporting our team! He is always 100% available, calm and so efficient on a daily basis. I can't express how much that means to an entrepreneur like myself who is so reliant on our warehouse and support. It allows my business to be successful and decreases the day to day stress in a tremendous way. Can't sing his praises enough."


- B2C entrepreneur

"Thanks so much to your team for all your hard work to get this project kicked off with success. We have already seen such positive responses from both our patients and the client. YAY! Thank you all for your work to make this happen."

- Pharma Marketer

"Just wanted to thank you all for such great efficient AMAZING work this week. So many orders were shipped so quickly and I appreciate it beyond my words."


- Retail Distributor

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