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Get more accurate, efficient fulfillment operations with Diamond Fulfillment’s Technology platforms and integrations
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Tap into exceptional Technology that meets all your fulfillment service requirements

Technology is integrated into everything we do at Diamond — from state-of-the-art warehouse management systems to our proprietary web-based, order entry interface used by customers every day.

Our clients benefit from access to highly sophisticated tracking, analysis and reporting capabilities through our Client Portal. Constantly updated with the latest in hardware and software, our technology systems support all aspects of our fulfillment services from receiving inventory, order status updates and shipping and tracking, as well as print-on-demand (POD) capabilities and customer service call center.

Real Time Tracking & Data


Inventory Accuracy Levels

Order Lines Per Year

Customer benefit range from increased efficiencies and costs savings
  • Manage order changes more efficiently
  • Accurately monitor and re-stock inventory levels
  • Grow and expand fulfillment and marketing programs more efficiently
  • Implement web-based ordering systems and applications quickly

Diamond’s Technology Footprint

Supporting a Wide Range of Features & Capabilities
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1.2 Million Order Lines managed each year
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KPI Monitoring, with achievement of 99.9% Inventory Accuracy
Swift Order Handling
24/7 Real-Time Tracking & Data Access
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Top Tier Security & Data Protection, including FTP site
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Single Sign-On across integrated platforms
Order management and inventory control system information is available to our customers in real time. Diamond’s expert IT programmers design and implement web-based applications for our clients every day, and are proactive in providing solutions that exceed expectations. We also host numerous full commerce websites on behalf of our clients.

Our electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities are completely customized based on the needs of each client to provide the most effective and efficient method of transferring data. To overcome the data transfer limitations of e-mail, Diamond Fulfillment Solutions utilizes our secure FTP site for transferring files. Our automated order transfer gateway ensures timely and reliable transfer of information to our clients while maintaining the security and integrity of the data being transferred.

Diamond’s Technology brings Pharmaceutical client and its in-house and outsourced marketing a total on-demand solution

Healthcare Fulfillment at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions

Client‘s Challenges:

  • Order limitations and out-of-stock concerns for sales assets and promotional materials for pharma sales reps
  • Inefficient communications and collaboration across channels and partners
  • Inability to custom print sales sheets and brochures, with sales rep specific information

Diamond’s Solution:

  • Single system to manage traditional fulfillment and on-demand printed materials
  • Accessible by sales, in-house marketing department and outsourced marketing agency employees for order changes and printed material customizations on-demand

Outcomes & Benefits:

  • Excellent fulfillment experience across channels, departments and partners
  • More speed and accuracy for total, real-time item and order management
  • Seamless order fulfillment across in-stock inventory and print-on-demand

Highlighted Technology Systems and Features

Explore four of our most robust technology systems in the examples below:

Client Portal

Accessible 24/7, our client portal delivers the ultimate in real-time notifications and KPI reporting. Available in versions Prizm X or Prizm F, key features include:

  • Real-time inventory levels
  • Ordering/shopping cart
  • Item-specific thumbnails, expirations, modifications and email notifications
  • Multi-level Order Limitations
  • Order Approvals
  • Digital Downloads
  • Advanced search
  • Address book
  • Repeat order functionality
  • Tradeshow/event services

Reporting capabilities:

  • Item order activity
  • Open order and backorder management
  • Order shipment tracking
  • Highest and lowest activity items
  • All aspects of inventory management
Client Portal at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
WMS at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Our WMS platform is powered by ASC Software to provide next generation automation to a wide variety of client and order applications.

Key features:

  • Complex business rule management
  • Real-time updates
  • Inventory capture
  • Shipment data
  • SKU detail capture
  • Reporting
  • Order Entry
  • Fully integrates with client systems
ASC Software Logo

Print Fulfillment

Our in-house printing technology enables you to store less by printing materials onsite within 48 hours of when you need them!

Key features:

  • Online digital file customizations
  • Generic static printing
  • Wide range of printed materials: brochures, letters, labels, binders, custom cartons, envelopes and folders

Value-added services:

  • Padding
  • Shrink-wrapping
  • Inline-saddle-stitching
  • Spiral and GBC binding
  • Plastic card imaging
Print Fulfillment Ordering at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
Print On Demand at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions

Variable Print-On-Demand

For many of our clients, customizing each print fulfillment item to a specific salesperson or product specification is a key requirement. Variable POD lets you do just that!

Key features:

  • Online, web portal for digital file customizations
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface
  • Select & upload from your own image library
  • Convert to grayscale
  • Populate multiple fields with a single input
  • Auto-wrap
  • Regulate formats
  • On-the-fly proofing
  • Instant download

Technology Integrations

Whether your technology capabilities require open API, electronic data interchange (EDI) or any other proprietary systems, our system integrations are extensive and perfectly suited to meet a wide range of client requirements. Currently, we integrate with:
Magento Integration at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
Shopify Integration at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
Salesforce Integration at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
SAP Integration at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
Demandbridge Integration at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
AMS Software Integration at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
AMS Software
Veeva Integration at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
Fishbowl Integration at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
Netsuite Integration at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
Oracle Integration at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration at Diamond Fulfillment Solutions
Microsoft Dynamics
Client Proprietary System(s)

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