Our Technology

Our proprietary web-based interface helps ensure accuracy and efficiency


Technology that Generates Cost Savings

Technology is integrated into everything we do, whether its our state-of-the-art warehouse management system or our proprietary web-based order entry interface used by customers every day.

Our clients have access to highly sophisticated information tracking, analysis, and reporting capabilities, thanks to our advanced IT and database systems. Constantly updated with the latest hardware and software, these systems drive our customer service center, as well as our receiving, inventory, order, fulfillment, shipping, and tracking functions.

Real Time Tracking & Data


Inventory Accuracy Levels

Order Lines Per Year

Our emphases on technology translates into efficiencies and cost savings for the client:

  • Manage requests more efficiently
  • Accurately monitor inventory levels
  • Grow and expand marketing programs more efficiently
  • Implement efficient web-based applications in a fraction of the time

All of our systems are fully integrated, which means the order management and inventory control system information is available to you in real time. Our programmers design and implement new web-based applications for our clients and are proactive in providing solutions that exceed expectations. We also host numerous full commerce websites on behalf of our clients.

Our electronic data interchange (EDI) capabilities are completely customized based on the needs of each client to provide the most effective and efficient method of transferring data. To overcome the data transfer limitations of e-mail, Diamond Fulfillment Solutions utilizes our secure FTP site for transferring files. Our automated order transfer gateway ensures timely and reliable transfer of information to our clients while maintaining the security and integrity of the data being transferred.

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